About me & Structure

The highest authority of the APAIC Association is the Board of directors and the supervisors of an non- profit organization. The board elected the Chairman of APAIC, the Deputy Chairman, and engaged the Secretary General to execute and manage missions and tasks of the Association.
The APAIC Association adopts a membership system. Members are from Taiwan University EMBA alumni and top Taiwanese entrepreneurs, elites…etc.
In order to improve the development and exchange of business and industry with Global, and to promote the excellent industrial experience and technology of Taiwanese companies, the APAIC has established various important committees and invited members with comprehensive industrial experience as the leader to promote the APAIC activities and conduct the international business exchanges & opportunities.

APAIC Committees and Organizations are:

  1. Industry Development Committee
  2. Business & Investment Committee
  3. International Training & Cooperation Committee
  4. Research Committee
  5. General Affairs

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